Glossary of Painting Terms

Dead Flat
No gloss or sheen.

A liquid used in coatings to reduce the consistency and make a coating flow more easily. The water in latex coatings is a diluent.

Various compounds added to coatings to speed the drying.

Dry Colors
Powder-type colors to be mixed with water, alcohol or mineral spirits and resin to form a paint or stain.

Drying Oil
An oil that when exposed to air will dry to a solid through chemical reaction with air: linseed oil, tung oil, perilla, fish oil, soybean oil.

Earth Pigments
Those pigments that are obtained from the earth, including chalk and graphite.

Gloss lying between semigloss and flat.

A mixture of solids suspended in a liquid.

Emulsion Paint
Coating in which resins are suspended in water, then flow together with the aid of an emulsifier.

latex paint.

Broad classification of paints that dry to a hard, usually glossy finish.

Extremely tough and durable synthetic resin used in some coatings. Epoxy coatings are extremely tough, durable and highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, and alcohol.

Film Build
Amount of thickness produced in an application. Millimeters (mils) of dry film per mils of applied wet film.

Film Thickness
Depth or thickness of the dry coating in millimeters.

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