Start an HOA Management Company in California

Start an HOA Management Company in California


Starting a homeowner association management company in California is not for every HOA property manager, but it is absolutely achievable if you meet the following minimum criteria:


  1. You have at least three years of experience as an HOA portfolio manager or on-site HOA manager in California;
  2. You have a basic understanding of the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act;
  3. You have the ability to live with little or no income from your new property management company for six months from the day you leave your current employment;
  4. You are able to invest at least $3,000 into your new business and have a high quality computer and cell phone; and
  5. You are willing to work day and night for the first year after starting your new business.


You do not need a real estate license and can work from home until your new business has grown to the point where you will need an office.

I can provide the following to you on a contract basis:


  1. Accounting services including billing and the generation of financial reports for each HOA client;
  2. Escrow services for buyers and sellers and owners who are refinancing their homes;
  3. Delinquent assessment collections;
  4. All of the forms, documents, and contracts that you will require;
  5. A comprehensive operating manual and employee handbook;
  6. Construction and maintenance advice;
  7. Business development assistance including an attractive website;
  8. Board training seminars as a business development tool;
  9. Comprehensive training covering the following subjects:
  • CC&Rs
  • Bylaws
  • Operating Rules
  • Year End Disclosure Requirements
  • Elections of Board Members
  • HOA Insurance
  • The Davis-Stirling Act
  • Reserve Studies

Should you want to grow your new business at an exponential rate, I can also arrange to provide you with additional capital.




Start an HOA Management Company in California

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Michael T. Chulak


Michael Chulak is currently the president of Coast Management of California, an HOA management company located in Agoura Hills, California. He is also president of, a full service apartment building management firm. Michael provides homeowner association inspector of election services, HOA delinquent assessment collection services, homeowner association board training seminars, and property management consulting and expert witness services for attorneys throughout California. Michael Chulak has provided more than 350 free homeowner association board training seminars in California since 1998.



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